Mr. Cau Chin


Well come
                         Mr. Cau Chin (Spiritual Leader)
By Pradip Brahmbhatt                      Dt. March 11, 2007
Every time and any time,
                                          Every day and any day
We respect you. We believe you
                                          We waited long time
                                          To well come you Mr.Cau Chin.
Little house little people
                                           Little income little life, But
We always keep big Heart
                                           With big respect, big love
                                                           With little simple life.
We love God, We love godly people
                                           We love you and respect you
You show me the real way of life
                                           Because you have spiritual eye
                                                        You help us every time.
Jalrambapa loves you
                                            Shri Saibaba loves you
Lord Rama and Krishna love you too
                                           you guide and help the people 
                                                  Have a heartily blessing too.
We love you we wait for you
                                       Because you help in my simple life
No one tell me no one show me
                                        My past, Present and future
                                                        You are Great in our Life.
Ravi and Rama, Dipal and Nishit
                                         Pradip and Puj.Shakuben
We always pray for Cau Chin’s
                                         Happy, Healthy and Long Life
                                      Because you bring peace in our LIFE
To Respect Our Mr. Cau Chin we can request you
         To come and Bless our House at Any  and every TIME.
Pradip, Rama, Ravi, Dipal, Nishit, Puj.Shakuben, Sureshlal & family.
Brahmbhatt family of Houston & S.S.Brahmbhatt family North Bergen, NJ