Healthy ABCD

                            Healthy  ABCD

Date:1/5/2009                          Pradip Brahmbhatt

A       Always get up before sun rise.  
B       Banana a day keeps your doctor away.
C       Cabbage and lettuce has 100% iron.
D       Drink more water everyday.
E        Exercise is the best remedy.       
F        Fresh vegetables will help you to keep healthy.    
G       Give and get love from everybody    
H       Health is the wealth of the life it is in your hand.
I         Ignore to eat machine made food.   
J        Just more vegetables make you healthy.
K       Keep track of your health.
L        Long life is in your hand.
M      Milk is good for the health.   
N       No wine and alcohol beverages.
O       Over limit is danger.
P        Purely vegetarian has healthy life.
Q       Quit drinking and smoking.
R       Rest is necessary when you work continues.
S        Start today do not delay.
T        Talk less and work hard.
U        Urine therapy is one of the best remedy.
V        View before you Walk. 

W       Walking is also good exercise.
X        ==========

        Your health is in your hand.     
Z         ==========