પુ.મોરારી બાપુને.

The book was well received at the Morari Bapu Ram Katha in New Jersey. Pradip Brahmbhatt presents a gift to Morari Bapu, his book, Dipna Andhare’s first printed copy, and an beautiful bio of Morari bapu by Pradip Brahmbhatt; both of which Bapu took with him home. Shipping for Houston, Texas. Local Pickup is available, please email for more details.

સંત પુ.મોરારી બાપુના

દીપના અંધારે is a book that consist of religious and spritual poems. The book can be purchased from our website for $10.00 and $2.99 for postage.

Complete your order from Google Check out

પ્રતિસાદ આપો

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